Please note that Aura is 21+! DJs and performers must be of age in order to participate. (This is the club's policy - not our own!)

Are you a DJ? - Wanna spin at PLAGUE?

One of the main goals of PLAGUE is to bring more people into the fold through fresh ideas and fresh sounds. If you're interested in spinning as a guest DJ, please contact Kristina with a demo CD and references from other venues/promoters. She'll contact you with details.


The mix board is a Denon DN-X300 and the decks are Denon DN-S1000. Follow the links to get to the manuals for each.

We do not have expertise with vinyl or laptop setups. If you have such a rig, please get to the club no later than 8:30 to setup before doors. You will not be allowed to change the configuration after 9pm.


The venue is Aura. The room we have is the downstairs part. The upstairs is reserved for concerts. The space holds 175 people, has a single bar, and a dj booth. We have a separate stamp to distinguish "us" from "them". The bartender, Dickie, pours a strong drink and is a master of the zombie!

Most of all clubs/bars in Portland are 21+. The Asylum isn't an exception unless advertised otherwise. You must be of age. Sorry!

When to Show Up

The PLAGUE staff usually arrives at the club around 8pm. If you want to tinker with the decks or setup a laptop or other extra equipment, show up by 8:30. If you are spinning 9-10pm it's best to get there by 8:30. If you do show up before 9, the main doors will not be open yet. Just go in through the Sports Bar (green awning) and ask. They'll direct you downstairs.


The club is open 9-1am like most of Portland. $3 before 9:30 - $5 afterwards.

The Crowd

Attendence is about 50-80 people depending on the weather/season/tide. In general the crowd is a mixing pot of different kinds of "goth" folks. Everything from the romatic goths to rivetheads. With the start of PLAGUE we've tried to keep things mixed up so that the DJ's don't get stuck with one setlist that is played over and over again. So as a DJ, please bring us some new music, but be aware that we're a small night and it's important to keep the floor going. Never play for yourself or let those people who go outside to smoke have an excuse to get bored and leave. You will hurt the night and nix your opportunity to be invited back.

Hint: The more people you can bring out to hear you and the more you can keep that dancefloor going, the more likely you are to get rebooked.


Each DJ is responsible for recording and posting their setlists.


Parking usually available on Free Street unless there is an event at the Civic Center. Many of the side streets off of the other side of Congress have parking.

Whatever you do DO NOT PARK IN A GARAGE! Most of the garages close at midnight and you're car will be stuck until the morning.


There are tons of places to eat in Portland. Portland nationally has the highest number of restaurants per capita. If you're in the mood for a particular style/ethnicity, you can find it here. If you're in a pinch, The Asylum has good pub food upstairs. Binga's also has good pub food and you can't beat Margarita's for texmex. As for late night eats, there is a Denny's. Ask or follow the patrons.

Directions to Aura

Travel time from Boston is 1.75 to 2.5 hours depending on where you're leaving from and at what time.