Here are the details on creating a flyer for a PLAGUE event.


Please include the following in your flyer design:
  1. PLAGUE should written upper case (otherwise it looks like Plaque). We're using the Edward Gorey font which can be downloaded here.
  2. Other text blurbs should be in an easily READABLE font. Impact Compact is a good choice although it's rather cliche.
  3. Please spell check your text!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THIS IS IMPORTANT!
  4. The basic copy should include the following: (feel free to wordsmith)

    PLAGUE presents title
    Friday Month Day
    Blurb - performances, costume contest... whatever
    DJs headliner 1, Headliner 2, 9-10 dj spin goth/industrial/theme type music!
    Asylum, 121 Center St, Portland, Maine
    21+, 9pm-1am, $5 - $2 before 9:30

  5. If you're using licensed artwork, please give credit to the artist.

  6. If you need artwork for you flyer, we recommend,
    Please have one of the PLAGUE admins approve your artwork before paying any licensing fees.

  7. DEADLINES: A proof of the flyer should be given to one of the PLAGUE admins 4 WEEKS before the event. The final flyer should be ready no later than 3 WEEKS before the event. The flyer must be completed by NOON to allow time for printing!


For flyers that will be posted around the club and online for a theme night:

The following formats are needed:

- 8.5x11" PDF 1/8" bleed

- An up to an 800px wide or tall PNG file

Doesn't matter if you go portrait or landscape.


For flyers for larger events like Goth Fly A Kite, Goth Ball, etc:

The following formats are needed:

- The printed flyer should be: 4x6" 300dpi cmyx JPEG, 1/8" bleed
The flyer template can be found here: Flyer or Post card 4x6" format

- Poster: 11x17" PDF 1/4" bleed

- 8.5x11" PDF

- An up to an 800px wide or tall PNG file.